One Of Our Favorite Toaster Ovens Just Got Better

Are you searching for a large-capacity, luxurious toaster oven that performs various cooking tasks fast and efficiently? Then consider the Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro. This 1800W smart oven is equipped with Element IQ that adjusts the heating elements automatically to suit whatever you’re cooking. And if you love cooking some of your meals for long time under low heat, you’ll be happy to know that it has a slow cook function to enable you do just that. It also comes with various accessories including, a non-stick pizza pan, an enamel baking pan and an enamel broiling pan.

Cooking healthy has never been easier, and having a capable countertop oven is one reason why. While this particular model may look similar to the BOV800XL, it does have a few extra features that may make it worth the slightly higher price tag. While the original Breville Smart Oven has been the best rated toaster oven for many years, one thing that has always been missing is an interior cooking light. This is something that should be standard on all ovens, but it was missing or overlooked on Breville’s best selling countertop oven. The Smart Oven Pro fixes this oversight, plus it adds one extra cook setting to help make this small oven stand out from the crowd. Find out if this smart oven is worth your money in this quick review.

Oven Features

Element IQ

Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro comes with Element IQ, which automatically controls heating elements and distributes heat where and when it’s needed. This ensures more efficient and even cooking.

10 Preset Functions

Whether you want to make delicious cookies or roast succulent meat, you can be sure that this oven will do it all fast and efficiently. It has 10 preset menu functions including toast, bake, broil, bagel, roast, cookies, pizza, warm, reheat and slow cook. Each of them has been preset with the ideal cooking temperature and time, which helps to take guesswork out of your cooking. However, if you don’t like the presets, you’re free to adjust them to your preference, and the oven will remember them for you next time you cook.

The slow cook function is designed for long cooking at low temperatures to help tenderize whatever food you’re cooking and bring out complex flavors. Note that you can set the slow function for up to 10 hours before it automatically switches to warm for up to 2 hours. This helps to keep your food warm till you’re ready to serve.

Very Spacious Interior

At 15.8 x 18.5 x 11 inches, Breville BOV845BSS is one of the largest toaster ovens. Its 0.8 cu ft interior is large enough to accommodate 6 slices of toast or a 13-inch pizza with ease. You’ll also be happy to know that the inside walls of the oven have a non-stick coating, making it easy to clean.

Solid Construction and Smart Design

This smart oven is built with stainless steel construction, which not only makes it strong, but also gives it an attractive and modern appearance. So, you can expect it to serve you for long and look good on your counter top too.

Three Different Rack Heights

The oven also has three different rack heights to choose from depending on the type of food you’re cooking. There’s a guide on the outside of the oven’s window showing you the right rack placement for different foods. This will save you from referring to the manual every time you want to cook something different. As if that’s not enough, there’s a magnet on the oven’s door which partially pulls out a rack from the oven when it is in the middle position. This makes food removal faster and easier for you.

Convection Cooking

The oven also comes with a convection cooking function, which accelerates cooking by up to 30 percent. It uses a fan to uniformly circulate hot air inside the oven, enabling food to cook faster and more evenly. Feel free to turn off this feature if you don’t want to use it. Whether you are making your favorite casserole or trying out a new baked chicken recipe, this feature will help everything come out tasting delicious and in less time.

User-Friendly Control Panel

The oven’s control panel has 3 dials. There’s also a backlit LCD display that changes from orange to blue when cooking. Other features on the control panel are the Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion button, the start/cancel, the frozen food and the convection on/off button. All these make programming of the oven a breeze.


  • Large Capacity – Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven’s spacious interior can comfortably fit a 13-inch pizza or six slices of toast.
  • User-friendly – The oven’s stainless exterior and non-stick interior all make cleaning easy. Its large dials make programming easy. The bright digital display makes the contents of the control panel simple to read.
  • Performs Several Cooking Tasks – With 10 preset functions, this oven enables you to cook your food in different ways as baking, roasting, broiling etc.
  • Saves Time and Energy – The convection cooking function speeds up cooking by up to 30%, thereby saving time and energy.
  • Cooks Evenly and Efficiently – The oven’s IQ Element distributes heat where it’s most needed for more efficient and even cooking


With rating of 4.8/5 on Amazon at the time of this review, it is clear that almost all users are happy with this toaster oven. They only wish that the magnetic auto-eject rack would work for the top and bottom positions as well (currently it only works for the middle rack position).

Overall, this product is a must-have for anyone in need of a spacious, durable and user-friendly toaster oven that can cook food in a wide variety of methods fast and efficiently.